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An Inventory Mangement Software that grows with your Business

LOCATE Inventory is the leading inventory solution that brings enterprise level features to your business, no matter the size. We can help you integrate LOCATE into your workflow for a truly automated experience.

Take control of your warehouse with LOCATE Inventory Software.

LOCATE Inventory will give you the most features in inventory software with the least amount of headaches when implemented effeciently. Here's what you can expect:

Robust and powerful inventory reporting
Easy and hands-off upgrades with little to no downtime
Integration with the most popular eCommerce solutions, including Shopify
Mobile access gives you the ability to check inventory or fufill orders anywhere
A platform that will scale as your business grows

How we can help

Implementing software into your existing workflow can be hard. That's where Implement Inventory comes in. Implement Inventory will make the transition into a new inventory management software easy.

We will ensure the software is correctly set up to ensure that your business is ready to start working at peak efficiency.

What people are saying:

"We were using a software solution that was geared more toward wholesale distribution. It worked well for what it did, but our needs had changed. A friend at another manufacturer suggested we look at Locate and it has been a great switch. Much more robust, not just on the manufacturing side, but inventory management, sales, and accounting. Implementation has been smooth and any questions or needs that arise are quickly addressed. We're extremely pleased!"

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